Friday, November 9, 2007


Okay, this year for Halloween, we did two things, even though Weston didn't really register either event :-) The important part was that Weston looked adorable in his costume! Weston was our little monkey for Halloween. He looked so stinking cute!!!

First, two weekends before Halloween we went to something called the "ZooBoo" at our local zoo. It was cute, basically vendors set up tables with information and they passed out candy to trick-or-treaters. They also had game booths and a dance floor. Weston obviously couldn't have cared less. So Mom and Dad looked at the animals and collected some candy "for Weston". It was cute, but Weston was a little too young.

Second, on Halloween we went to our ward's Trunk or Treat Activity. Again, it was cute, but Weston was too young. We had fun visiting, and the highlight of the night was that Weston took some real steps! We stood him up, and he would walk about 4-5 steps between us. So cute! I am sure I don't really want him to walk, but he looks so cute when he does!

I will post a picture of Halloween. Love you!

Welcome to Our Blog!

Hello everyone! We decided that it is way too hard to keep in touch with everyone. We are super busy and Weston grows to fast. So we have started a blog. This website will allow us to post updates on our life and new pictures of Weston. Plus we can communicate, because you guys can leave messages/reply to blog posts. Anyway, I am excited and I hope you guys will enjoy!

Love you lots!
Andy, Melissa/Danielle and Weston